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Last updated: March 2023

This is my now page, where you can find what I'm currently up to.

This now page used to just display the same stuff with the what I'm reading/listening to changing occasionally. Instead, I'm going to update it each month with what I'm focusing on (sometimes updating throughout the month).

You can see previous monthly updates in the then section.


Spring is here and there is an increase in bird songs around everywhere. Robins have mad their way back, as they were away all winter.

I've never seen a turkey anywhere but the ground, but I saw one perched on top of a car!

American Coots appear to be much smaller than other ducks (about 2/3 of a Mallard). They seem a lot more nimble. When they dive down they don't simply go under the water, they jump up a few inches and dive in.

I've never been able to get a picture of a Pygmy Nuthatch. They're small and quick. I'd like to get one some day. Most of the time I just hear them (and identify with the Merlin app).

These are the birds I saw this month:


I have thought more about the goals for making my art. I want to accomplish the following:

None of this requires any sort of community or fame associated with the art. I am going to be more personal with my art. I'm the only audience that I'm creating it for.

I truly don't like drawing random people or buildings/cityscapes, so I am going to quit trying to force myself to learn to urban sketch and focus on other subjects.


I will occasionally get sucked in to the idea of being a bug bounty hunter or diving into some other aspect of infosec, such as OSINT. I've noticed time and time again that these things suck up all my time, and make my head feel exhausted/fuzzy after spending a bunch of time spinning my wheels on it.

I have accepted that I don't have to dive fully into these things to fulfill what I'm trying to do. What it boils down to is an interest in hacker culture and learning how things work. I am going to instead focus on whatever is interesting me at the time, without trying to justify it with some long running goal or trying to make it profitable. I just want to hack on things for the sake of curiousity.

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