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This section of my site serves as a microblog, since I don't use social media such as twitter or mastodon (reasoning for this can be read in my post on social media).

I have a separate RSS feed for these posts, if you want to follow them, so they don't pollute my main RSS feed.

August 16, 2022 11:57

Yesterday I set up an ActivityPub server using honk, which was super easy to set up and the only one I successfully got working on my raspberry pi. I was going to use it and remove this thoughts section from my site, but I decided that deviates too far from my view of social media. I found myself trying to check it constantly, even though it was only for the feed (honk doesn't do likes, follower counts, etc). I'm going to just stick with this and mastofeed to serve my needs.


July 20, 2022 15:28

As I usually do during summer (because of defcon coming up) I am getting really interested in infosec, but not in a healthy way, as I previously wrote about. It distracts me from important tasks, from time with my family. It makes my head dizzy and makes me exhausted and irritable. I don't want to do this all the time.

I think a good solution is to allow myself to research these things when I get interested in them without deciding I need to create a new identity online or make it a job (bug bounty).

I want to learn about appsec so I can know more about it. I want to learn about recon and osint because I find them interesting. I want to learn about hardware hacking. I have a lot of interests in this space, so my solution will be to allow myself to go down these rabbit holes, but within reason.

I will not be creating a twitter and/or a whole other persona, but instead join some discord communities and find articles/books/videos online for the things I want to learn.


July 14, 2022 16:14

I decided to add this thoughts section to my site. It serves as a microblog, since I'm intentionally not using Twitter or Mastodon. I just want a place to put what I'm thinking down, and if someone wants to follow it, then great! If not, it's here for me and that's fine too.