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Social Media Withdrawal


I'm already feeling social media withdrawal. It's only been a couple weeks, if that. I'm used to scrolling through Instagram and Mastodon.

It feels like I'm missing out. That I could be interacting with like-minded people and I'm not.

The silly thing is I normally don't really interact with people on social media, I just browse, giving me that hit of dopamine my body is craving.

Instead of going and making an account somewhere, I'm writing here. Maybe nobody will read this, maybe someone will, who knows. This is more for me.

I want to spend time writing, thinking, and creating, not scrolling mindlessly.

I often feel like I'm missing out on information. There are things out there being created that I'm not seeing. The truth is I hardly see anything that I couldn't have lived without.

I will probably go read some things from my RSS feeds. That should help. This seems to have helped too.