$ finger dzwdz@tilde.town
Login: dzwdz          			Name: Kuba
Directory: /home/dzwdz              	Shell: /bin/bash
Office: cs_office
Mail last read Wed Nov  2 12:47 2022 (CET)
Project:2022-11-02T14:49+01:00 just had one hell of a month * started writing yet another article to try and explain the principles behind Camellia * made a cgi script in Lua to manage my bookmarks, it's great * preparing for/participating in oi.edu.pl
Plan:masto @dzwdz@tilde.zone mail/xmpp dzwdz@disroot github @dzwdz my main project is Camellia, a microkernel experimenting with some new ideas for privilege separation testimonials: <katie> i genuinely love how dzwdz's response to learning about seemingly anything is, "how can i spin this into antics" <acdw> I mean this just seems paranoid
$ date -I 2022-11-02 $ find /town/our -type f | wc -l 72 $ /town/our/plan9/fortune P.P.S. Thanks for helping make BUY.COM the #l online computer retailer.