Please Fuck With This License


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This document as read by the individual currently reading it - whether by physically tangible means or otherwise - is subject to the infinite various interpretations of the reader and any others (past, present, and future,) as well as legally, ethically, morally, spiritually, etc. freely fluid regarding modification, variation, iteration, etc.

This document applies to as many or as few potential manifestations of the matter to which it is attached as the originator of the matter determines. This, too, is subject to whim or circumstance as per the continuation of linear time, forever and ever.

The originator of the matter may be held entirely responsible for consequences upon any being or other distinct matter legally, ethically, morally, spiritually, etc. All forms of correspondence re: the matter to which this document is attached - including feedback, criticism, praise (due and undue,) general bereavement, damnation, condemnation, complaint, advice, advisement, assistance, counsel, guidance, input, recommendation, suggestion, assistance, briefing, coaching, mentoring, priming, prompting, teaching, tutoring, caution, alarm, etc. is not only welcome but encouraged as per the core ethos of this document.


By associating this document with the matter, its originator wishes to legally express total, unambiguous disinterest in or intent to withhold or otherwise retain authority over its destiny henceforward the moment it was so associated.