if you want to see some random chatter we record to feels, this is a good place to do it. because it's one of the only places. uwu

15 january 2020

weird thought: just remembered netscape again. our dad kinda turned it into the Go-To browser in our house before he switched to firefox. he always left cookies turned off, too. we think he had some browser setup for it.

also he renamed the shortcut to "nutscrape" lol

14 january 2020

we're gay also we updated our homepage to reflect our new name. a change of names that does not reject the old name, but modifies its context... feels good.

10 january 2020

we got another blacklight today :) we have them on a remote as our main overhead. it's really pleasant, actually~ we just have our cozy fake space full of weird light. the one problem is it flickers >.>

08 january 2020

we're new here, and that feels a bit weird. seems like a lot of people are... less so. we're gay and sleepy though so like that's cool :::3