Ahoy there! I have no idea what i'm doing!

These two lines are what define me, A confused fellow who loves to be a pirate (preferably the digital kind).
An idiotic 16 year old on the verge of insanity, i like linux, compiling stuff, and retro aesthetics

I am also an enthusiast in the realm of lost media, so if you're looking for any of that (especially if it happens to be Persian) i could certainly help.

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    Tally Hall et all

    The first band i really got into, love almost all of their songs, including ones done by members outside of the Tally realm, Miracle Musical being a prime example


    little known Electro-funk band that had their music featured in an apple commercial


    Little Dark Age is simply amazing, Congratulations is pretty good too

    Punishment of Luxury

    Post-punk band, haven't listened to anything other than their first album, "Laughing Academy" but that album alone is really great

    The Buggles

    Also only listened to their first album, though i didn't really like the second, maybe i should reconsider it

    Kourosh Yaghmaei

    His old stuff (which are all compiled into "Back from the Brink" from 2011) is simply amazing, sad that he wasn't allowed to perform after the revolution

    IFA Wartburg

    They're one and only album sounds amazing for just a satrirical band, i'm a certified communist after finding out about them

    Movies and TV
    The Grand Budapest Hotel

    Wes Anderson knows how to make movies

    Breaking bad
    (currently watching)

    spectacular so far, can't wait to get to El Camino

    Judy Moody series

    loved the series as a kid (fun fact: this series is where the "moody" in "georgemoody" comes from!)

    The C Programming Language
    (currently reading)

    Learning programming is fun :P

    Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary
    (currently reading)

    Linus Torvalds' biography, a really interesting guy that's for sure

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