hi from han

my parakeet offers podcast recs:

perry next to a chicken drumstick, looking uncomfortable

perry says bye bon appetit.

not a podcast: Eric Edding's twitter thread. the story is about bon appetit's toxic work culture, but also about the reckoning it prompted at gimlet and reply all. a reminder that not all stories that were made, even if necessary and urgent, should have been made by the people who made them.

perry next to her chew toy

perry reckons with destruction.

podcast: Floodlines (Atlantic), especially "Come Sunday", "Reckoning", & "Destiny". hurricane katrina wasn't the big hit; the human handling of New Orleans before and after was the real disaster.

perry takes a selfie

perry takes a selfie.

audiobook: The I in the Internet (Jia Tolentino). yes everything is a performance, even this post.

perry in toilet paper roll

perry thinks before diving into the rabbit hole.

podcast: Rabbit Hole (New York Times), especially ep 7 and 8. a good breakdown of qanon and the engineered feedback loops on youtube. also pewdiepie talks, but doesn't provide many satisfying answers.

perry on couch

perry longs for home.

podcast: California Love (LAIst), especially "Parrots: A Parable", "Scared Straight", and "P Line". hands down the best podcast of the year, and not just because it features an entire episode on the origin of the la parrots. stories from the illustrious walter thompson-hernandez, seriously could listen to that man talk forever.

perry bites my glasses

perry just wants to learn.

podcast: Nice White Parents (New York Times). turns out history is cyclic for school reform too.

perry on my hand

perry greets her fans below.

podcast: Rough Translation (NPR) -- Dream Boy and the Poison Fans. the power of the "human flesh search engine": a purist fan faction clashes with queer fan fiction over a celebrity in china.

perry on my head

perry crash lands on bizarre lunar surface.

podcast: Reply All (Gimlet) -- Thank You for Noticing. a sweet story that starts with UFOs and ends with New Mexico.

perry in black and white

perry experiences existential dread.

podcast: Reply All (Gimlet) -- Negative Mount Pleasant. foxconn takes over small town Wisconsin?

perry peers into mirror

perry contemplates the self, on horseback.

podcast: Radiolab (WNYC) - Deception . a high school obsession with the tv show lie to me and facial microexpression detection comes back as a radiolab episode.

perry with stuffed shiba

perry meets a friend

podcast: The Bay (KQED) - The Moral Case Behind Housing is a Human Right. parakeets for moms 4 housing.

perry eats greens

perry eats her share of leafy greens.

podcast: Reply All (Gimlet) -- Adam Pisces and the $2 Coke. a scam and the investigation into the heart of dominos headquarters.

perry sass

perry gives a stinkeye to surveillance.

podcast: Reply All (Gimlet) -- The Crime Machine. a history of COMPSTAT, a well-intentioned tool to leverage data and reduce crime (broken windows policing) that went awry, leading to soft quotas and profiling.