~insom — now


   Following on from my Haiku laptop, I have set up Moku Pona
   as a small-web aggregator. This is great because I can
   separate following pages from my client, and switch to
   Kristall on Haiku (native) and LaGrange on iPadOS. I love
   Amfora and it's subscription feature has been great, but
   it's not the best way for me to read the small-web any
   longer and it was a little inconvenient that it's so Gemini
   focussed (Gopher and HTTP are possible via proxies).

   Between IRC and small-web, that's a cozy little machine.
   Maybe I'll try and learn some Haiku programming, IIRC it's
   all C++ classes as the first-class development environment.


   I had a package either stolen or (quite possibly) it has
   blown away. Not had this happen yet and I get quite a few
   deliveries, although I am also normally home all day. It's
   not a lot of money, but it's frustrating as I needed those
   MicroSD cards to put on a new ARM machine I'm getting NetBSD
   running on (hopefully, at least). The board has an Allwinner
   H6 processor so most of the perhipherals that I care about
   should be supported, and I can crib the DTB file from the
   Armbian install that came with the machine. One day. When my
   SD cards arrive.


   The IPX case build I mentioned on Mastodon is proceeding. I
   had to repair Dylan's 3D printer to get better results but
   in the mean time I also treated myself to my own printer
   which has a better build volume anyway. So far, those prints
   have come could really well, but I had to go on side-quest
   to dial _this_ printer in, too.

=> https://tiny.tilde.website/@insom/109932442395938222
 > Mastodon post


   I found out I had inadvertantly misconfigured
   tiny.tilde.website and now I need to restore a bunch of data
   from a backup. Everyone has been real nice about it, but
   causing an outage (or much worse: data loss) is such a
   horrible feeling. I hope to never get used to it.


   Wow, this is a lot of small thoughts? Perhaps I'll leave
   things there and come back when I have bigger thoughts to
   write down.

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