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NFS Pi is now Network Block Device Pi and that works way,
way better. I should write this up because I didn't find one
guide that was totally helpful and I had to spend a bunch of
time in the initramfs poking things.


As a European living in North America I can sometimes be
prone to euro-smugness about certain things -- healthcare
and banking and telecoms and the supremecy of cars (to pick
a few). (Yes, Ontario has OHIP; No, it's not the same as the

I live in a neighbourhood with almost no sidewalks and for
years I've considered this a classic case of car centrism:
Ottawa is so unwalkable that we don't even have a place for
pedestrians in the suburbs!

I've only recently thought about it with fresh perspective:
these roads don't have sidewalks because pedestrians have
equal rights to the road.

In a way, sidewalks (like bike lanes) are a way of taking a
class of road-user who used to have equal rights to the
whole thing, and sequestering them off to one side. Putting
in a sidewalk is a signal that the road is for cars.

(I feel similarly about bike lines: I love to use them, but
where they run parallel to roads and are _less_ convenient,
they are really saying: roads aren't for you. Roads are for