~insom — now


   It's Advent of Code time and I'm doing C++. I'm rusty and
   the language has changed a lot, but honestly it's better
   than I expected or remembered.

   I understand why memory safety is important and that
   security bugs are regularly found in C/C++ programs because
   of doing the wrong thing with RAM, but a part of me feels
   like writing in these langauges is discouraged with the same
   harshness as rolling-your-own-crypto. (This might just be
   the HN bubble, though?)

   The other language that I'm learning at the moment is
   Clojure but I don't feel far enough along to try AoC in it
   yet. Ironically I _am_ writing a very small ActivityPub
   implementation (mostly an experiment). Writing a web app
   seems easier (to me!) that doing a lot of data structure
   manipulation AoC-style.


   I'm off to Toronto again on Monday. Last trip of the year,
   turbo-props both ways and the weather is not terribly cold
   yet. As an anxious flyer I dislike flying at night, on jets
   and during the time of year where planes need de-icing. I
   can't usually avoid all of those, but this is like a 5/6
   best case! (Return flight will be at night)

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