~insom — now



   Looptober is happening again. I did some of 2020 but not
   2021. I had fun in 2020 and I had my modular setup still,
   but since deciding that hardware is just an expensive
   consumptive hobby ... I haven't actually noodled around much
   and made music.

   But now I have, a little. I did buy a piece of hardware -- a
   Launchpad Mini -- but it's pretty cheap and it's certainly
   cost a lot less than Eurorack did. The key, for me, is to
   have the means of making music always available. Having the
   Launchpad _always_ plugged into my PC makes it the kind of
   thing I can do on a whim at lunchtime.

   I'm going to Toronto (again!) for work, and so I'll try and
   keep up with Looptober just using my iPad. This is hopefully
   another positive forcing function, as I actually bought this
   iPad (in-part) to make music with, and I have done
   comparatively little of that. I'm mostly drawn and watched


   "Goyo" mode is nice, in vim. I had it installed and forgot
   about it, then I saw mention of it somewhere so I went to
   install it and remembered I'd meant to try it before.