~insom — now


   I finished the second Thursday Murder Club Book (The Man Who
   Died Twice). It was good. These books are so sweet.

   Current semi-obsessions:

   Getting good at Rails (again), and learning Tailwind CSS.
   i.e. trying to remember that I was a competent web-dev,

   Outliners: Logseq being a modern take, but I also have
   Drummer and Frontier (in the form of OPML Editor). It feels
   like there's _something_ interesting here for me, in the
   intersection between s-expression like structures with a
   more friendly UI, and a language which can traverse data and
   code as first class citizens.

   UI Engines: Looking at Godot and Flutter and Fyne. Not
   really for any reason, but just out of interest. Godot's UI
   tools + GDScript is the thing which has reminded me of
   Visual Basic (Classic) the most. Microsoft did the world a
   disservice when they replaced that with VB.Net. I should
   write up my thoughts on that, one day.


   Somehow I have become a cut-price Bose fan-boy. I got given
   a pair of AE II Bluetooth headphones as a gift from Datadog,
   and those are great. I recommended my whole family get them,
   even though they are kind of pricey.

   But since then, ever the bargain hunter, I've had my eye out
   for other cut-price Bose products. I know audiophiles do not
   like Bose, but their stuff is ruggedly built and sounds good
   enough for me. It's often sold second hand with plenty of
   life left or needing minor repairs.

   I ended up with two iPod Sounddocks (eBay and a thrift
   store), a pair of QC15's which were broken but I fixed
   (eBay) and this weekend one "Bose 151" environmental speaker
   (for mounting outdoors, you probably see them at community
   events etc.) and a Companion 2 Series II (which was $4 at
   Value Village). I only have so many ears!