2023-11-29                         from the editor of ~insom

   Just took `insom.me.uk` off the Internet for a bit. (The
   website, it's still my main email domain).

   Having revamped it in ~2020 I am once again feeling like not
   having a blog. I saw that Jeelabs will also be going off
   line. The author is just archiving and then taking it down
   (something he also did before, then came back, now is going
   through with taking it offline).

=> https://jeelabs.org

   This will be the third time I've done something like this.
   In 2004 or 2005 I wiped the site. In 2015 or 2016 I archived
   it and started blogging somewhere else, then I came back to
   it in 2020, posted a few times and it's time for it to go

   Owning a personal site still seems like an important stake
   in the whole Internet not being social media or walled
   gardens -- but it also does not make my happy to run it. I
   think when I replace it, it will be with something which is
   not a blog. Blogs aren't for me, any more (except, kind of,
   this place -- which idk if anyone reads and I kind of like

   Something without timestamps in the URLs that draw attention
   to being a moment in time. Or to the long gaps inbetween.

   Tilde Town