welcome to my tilde.town homepage


Hey so retronet is shutting down and they referred me to use tilde-town. So I guess you guys are doing pretty well for yourself. What's your secret? I really liked the generosity of retronet. They gave me lots of programming languages and disk space for projects. I will have to see what tilde-town is capable of pretty soon.


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It's lunch time guys! Glad to see tile.town is up and running still.


I'm currently working on repairing my Tandy Model 100 during the lunch hour at work.


I've begun a big obsession with 8-bit computers recently. It all started when I dusted off the Tandy Model 100 and Model 102 from the office with the intent to do something useful with them. Only the Model 102 works but I have been able to transfer files with it between both Windows and Linux machines. I've also been learning how to program it in Microsoft Basic and 8085 assembler. The machine is really cool, but I wish the Model 100 also worked. So now I have both at work and I'm trying to devote some time during the lunch hour to fixing it using my Tektronix oscilloscope, also from the 80's, and a multimeter. I've already replaced the backup battery in it and cleaned the socketed chips without success. Something in that board has failed and I need to use the technical reference to help me isolate the problem.

There is not a lot of space on this machine, so I guess my scientific programming will have to be done in assembly language in order to be efficient!