how's up?

mix: somewhere to go

get it here or listen on spotify

the summer endsamerican football

thinking about
how i should say

east coast girlcayucas

i just want to
take a taxi
out of the city
before you fall asleep

7catfish and the bottlemen

i'd love you, but i need another year alone

drifting apart (feat. salsa)adib sin

it seems that you were here, just yesterday

happy to be herejulien baker

i know i should be being optimistic but i'm doubtful i can change

cherry blossomraury

you can call me, anytime, anytime

goneboston manor

i promise i'll be there next year

the new yeardeath cab for cutie

i wish the world was flat like the old days
then i could travel just by folding a map

pepe silviapalhth

and everything
that you wanted to do with me
when i make it across the country

california zephyrjay farrar & ben gibbard

now i'm transcontinental...
...watching america roll by

fillmore county ft. floor cryvansire

there’s somewhere i need to go
there’s still more i need to know

we talked about this last march!

idk if i want it to be a story or just like, an audible vibe u kno
~ vibe ~

i kind of forgot about the playlist idea for a while but then i heard the last song on a tape i bought and i was like, oh wow! that would be a great closing track.

there's kind of an arc or timeline if you squint, but mostly i'm just trying to capture that vibe. i wanted it to be kind of mood-whiplashy! we've got jubilation, nostalgia, longing, angst, and whatever mood it is that you feel when you impulse-buy an amtrak ticket. *smacks roof of playlist* this playlist has everything! but hopefully it's still kind of coherent.

i hope you like it! ^_^

also i got u some links:

紅豆生南國 Hóng dòu shēng nán guó
春來發幾枝 chūn lái fā jǐ zhī.
願君多採擷 Yuàn jūn duō cǎi xié,
此物最相思 cǐ wù zuì xiāng sī.

The clear fragility and inefficiencies of the human-made systems we have built should give us all pause; the fragility of the systems I have worked on certainly humbles me.

hope to hear from you soon.