Through the Mud and Water

My better half is gone
The one that loves me
Kisses sweet in the night
Vanishing, tears fall
Darkness enveloping suddenly
A void ripped open
Soul exposed and aching
Tears flow faster, swallowed
By the void, please dont cry
But you have too
You know the pain that lurks
Long after that final goodbye
Memories from that day
Immortalized, carrying you
Through the mud and water
What I would do, what I would
Kill to be able to carry you through
The mud and the water again
Muscles burning but you're there
With me you're there and I'm
Alive I'm only alive when you're there
Your smell your touch your taste
What I would do to feel alive again

One Lonely Night

On one lonely night
I think about you
And all of those lovely
Things that you do
Those things that I cherish
Those things that I love
Like saying you miss me
And how you hate doves
You love me for me
I love you for you
I know in my heart
This will always be true
You love me for me
I love you for you
Forever and always
Shall this remain true