Getting Candle Wax Off an LCD Monitor

First you might ask, “How does one get wax on their monitor?” A valid question. In my case, I had a taper candle on my desk, and I blew it out right before bed. When I awoke, I found a splatter of wax from the candle in the bottom left corner of my LCD. This post will talk about the steps I took to safely remove the wax from the monitor without damaging the surface or liquid crystals of the display.

Note that this guide is intended for soft-surface LCD monitors (the kind that are not glass/plastic covered and make distorted colors when you press on the screen.)

Inspired by Mom

A tried-and-proven method of removing wax from fabric is to put a paper towel on top of the stained area and then apply a hot iron onto the paper towel. This melts the wax which is absorbed into the towel. While this does work wonders on fabric, there are some hopefully obvious reasons why this is a bad idea with an LCD screen.

Steps to Safely Remove Wax

You will need:

It’s a pretty straight forward process:

  1. pre-wet the cloth with the screen safe cleaner (or distiled water)
  2. remove the base of the monitor (if possible) and place the monitor flat on the ground, screen-side up
  3. turn on the hair dryer to low and hold tip about three inches from the surface of the monitor aimed at the wax
  4. keep holding the dryer in place for about thirty seconds
  5. while still aiming the dryer at the wax, with your other hand, begin wiping the affected area gently with the moist rag
  6. keep wiping the area gently, re-wetting the cloth if it dries out, until all the wax has been cleared

That’s it, pretty simple! Do not rush by turning the dryer up to high or wiping harder as the LCD screen is fragile and high heat could damage the crystals in the monitor.