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grand neo faq

Through the past few years, I tried making a stable ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo.

I gave up.

I got tired of working with the manufacturer-provided kernel, and decided that mainlining it would be a more worthwile (if much longer and convoluted) process. Unfortunately, I do not yet posess all the knowledge needed to start properly working on it, so between that and my other projects, these efforts are currently on hold.

Every once in a while, I recieve messages from folks asking about ROMs for the Galaxy Grand Neo. That's fine! I'm not saying that you can't ask me about the device - but also, don't expect too much from me. I'm not a magician, nor am I well-versed in kernel code (yet). But before you message me, please check if your question hasn't already been answered here.

the galaxy grand neo (GT-I9060) and galaxy grand neo plus (GT-I0960I) are completely different devices

I get messages about the GT-I9060I sometimes. I posted the rom for the GT-I9060 in the Plus forum because there wasn't one for the non-Plus variant, and I wanted to get some visibility. I kind of regret this, since it's confusing for all parties, but at the time I didn't know better.

the lineageos 16 build never worked, and i do not have it anymore, stop asking

Back when I noticed the phone had no ROMs and I wanted to make one for it, I didn't actually have the phone yet - I only got it later. Between those two time periods I posted a link to a test build of LineageOS 16 I made to see if it worked, but it didn't.

Some random website found that link and reposted it (without my knowledge or permission) with a full installation guide. Needless to say, this build never worked, and I lost it a long time ago.

the lineageos 14 build on my androidfilehost is a test build

This one *does* boot, but has some huge issues preventing it from working correctly - mainly, it crashes when WiFi is turned on. I never figured out the cause of that, so development stalled.

i know as little about the build process as you do

Weird build errors are all too common. Heck, I *wanted* to fix the ROM at one point, but it stopped building for... some reason. Unrelated to the Grand Neo's device tree or whatever, just a random build error.

I do have some helpful tips for anyone who would like to continue my work:

But keep in mind that I know as little about the build process as you do, and I do not have the time or will to handhold anyone through the build process. In general, if you can't figure out how to build Android, you most likely won't know how to fix the problems that this port has. I sure know I wasn't able to.

can you help me with <insert another device name here>?

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