i am lily. i joined tilde.town on 16/02/18. i get anxious easily. i like both cats and dogs. i enjoy the aesthetic of lives i can never live. i listen to a lot of music, and many genres. i love myself, sometimes. i was taught by my dad how to use html. i really like chai tea. i am learning german. i have lived in america my entire life and never left, even though i really really want to. i can't cook well, even though i try to. i alternate between being very social and very antisocial. i have an easier time talking online compared to talking face-to-face. i am often paranoid. i don't like politics. i like other people but i cannot be around them for long periods of time. i fidget a lot. i am very lonely on the internet. i have a cat. i have a dog. i have lived in my hometown my entire life and i still don't really know my way around. i am terrible at keeping my room clean. i have adhd. i am not very good at sleeping. i am lily.