how i found tilde

I wanted my first actual post to be about how I came to sign up to tilde.town. I did not come across any article somewhere about how a user got to join tilde in the first place, so I just wanted to make mine.

It all started... today, at about 6:20am, right before I started to get ready for another day of class. I just saw a screenshot on Mastodon (source) :

i3wm screenshot with a tilde.town SSH session opened

There was a time where I was constantly fiddling around with still alive Telnet BBSes like Vertrauen on Windows. It was interesting mostly because of the hosted files, providing my Windows 98 SE virtual machine some stuff to play around with.
Since my conversion to Linux and discovery of SSH with my Raspberry Pi, I was curious in trying out some services people could provide with SSH, like ssh-chat. So I just took note of the website's name on my bullet journal and went to class.

After going back home, and seeing the little note on my journal, I decided to look it up a bit. I read the site's news, FAQ and code of conduct, desperately attempting to understand what the hell this thing is. I started clicking on a few other links and browsed some user websites, and I stumbled upon ~xkeeper.

I have no idea who this is, but I read a big chunk of the site and realised I could use this static hosting thing to get a minimalistic website and just focused on the content, which could be about everything I can't really talk about on my current website, mostly real life stuff since people IRL know my website. I could use some anonymity for a bit.

Then I just thought that the only good way is to try it out myself, and I signed up, expecting to join it during the weekend. I didn't even have the time to eat dinner that I was already accepted. That's admin efficiency for you.
I almost immediately set up a small under construction page, which just paved the way to my current design, and went on with discovering this thing's features.

It's funny how tilde is the exact opposite of Mastodon; we have more than a thousand different instances on Mastodon, but here it is a thousand users sharing the exact same computer. And it is fun.
I have not felt safe enough yet here to join the chatroom, because I am just way too shy and anxious, but it will happen soon and I hope I will find what I hope I will find; a great community.