being sick

I am sick right now. My throat hurts, my head hurts, my back hurts, I lost my voice, am constantly thirsty but I lost all my appetite and I am coughing all the time. It's been two days now.

But this isn't by far the main problem. The problem is how my parents are dealing with this. My father thinks I'm faking it, or I'm just staying in front of my computer too often, and my mother finally agreed to give me meds an hour ago.

Yesterday evening, my father brought me by force at a concert right at the time I wanted to go to sleep. I have very sensitive ears and being sick did not help, so my head was on fire. I usually never have any right to say anything about what my father decides for me, and my loss of voice did not help either. I also got too tired to take any time to eat anything.

Today, my father forced me to go along with him to KFC. I choosed something just to try not to make him even angrier, but I was still not hungry at all and with his aggressive driving I was about to throw up. When we got back, he was getting mad a me because I was too tired and walking too slowly. He went crazy and gave me my food and kicked me out of the living room, almost punching me in the process.

Tomorrow, he's gonna pick up the laptop I found for him. I'm going to be forced to set it up entirely myself and he is going to constantly tell me he does not like it, even if it is exactly what he wanted. And I will never ever get anything as small as a "thanks".

I am on the verge of tears right now. I can't do anything to solve this, nor can I get any sort of help or comforting IRL. I'm not sure I can stand being stuck with this family any longer.