This article has been written entirely using vim, thanks to the help from the awesome m455.

Money has always been a great problem with my parents. I'm not talking about praying for your mom to be kind and give you a few coins, I'm talking about my family's extremely poor financial resource management.

I have always been aware that my parents' financial situation is not really great, since I often heard my mother tell me that our account is overdrafted and that we are crushed under debts. But it's only a few days ago, when my dad left for Mali for four months, that I realised how deep we are in that shit.

We got a letter from a court telling us that our landlords filed a lawsuit against us since we had €4,000+ of rent still unpaid. We had two months to gather all of this money, pay everything, and pay the normal monthly rent with that, or in March we would be evicted.

My mother was extremely scared. She was crying. She cried all day and tried to contact my dad without much success. For a week, she hasn't slept at all, she ate almost nothing, and kept crying all the time. The only times when she was not crying were when we were busy tidying up my bedroom or any other kind of stuff that just distracts her.

The worst part of that is that it's entirely my dad's fault. We couldn't pay the rent not because we couldn't afford it, but because the bank thought we couldn't afford less than what I get as a scolarship every month. Two checks went unpaid. We went to see the two debtors of the checks and they both said there are zero unpaid checks.

This check problem started many months ago. My dad procrastinated a lot. But he promised my mom he would sort it out before leaving and he will not leave without solving this. We've been through extreme stress thanks to him.

The good thing with that is my mom has taken full control of all of our finance stuff. I'm just helping her with internet procedures, but she's managing it all. Now that my dad is not here to procrastinate important stuff, we can finally have a life. My mom managed to pay €3,100 in just a few days and we're totally gonna make it now.

I really hope this will finally be the moment where my dad realises what he has done to us since all that time. It's sad, but I really hope my parents' relationship will be weakened and that my mom will finally gather the courage to stand up against him.

A few years ago, when he went back from Tahiti, my dad brang war home with him ; he was becoming more and more of a racist, homophobic bastard. I hereby make a promise ; when he comes back, I'll bring the war. I do not give a damn fuck if he starts beating me or kicking me out of the house or whatever if that's how I can have a life.