hey again town, it’s been a while. i’ve been active on irc but i completely forgot about writing here, until someone i now care about a lot reminded me of it.

so now my dad is back since two weeks and in less than two weeks i will be six hundred kilometers away from home for four months. i’m currently getting ready for my exams, wrapping up all the school projects, and for moving out, and in the meantime, i have no idea how, but i found love.

i tend to usually always cuddle with mastodon users when i can, especially when they’re not feeling okay, regardless of me knowing them or whatever they are going through, just because everyone *hugs* everyone else (after offering hugs first because we don’t want to hurt you with unwanted hugs). So I ended up hugging another cutie and she was just so adorable and I followed her.

and here we go now. i told her i loved her, i told her she was awesome, and she ended up loving me too, and before i realized it we were in a relationship. falling in love is something i have never got ready in my plans for the future, like i was expecting that my previous crush would stay as my only crush. luckily it will be easy to manage with my current plans, so it’s all fine.

i didn’t even fully realize to what extent i needed love — and she showed it to me. i now completely depend on her, my feelings are very influenced by her well being and i can’t stop thinking about her all day. i’m writing this while waiting for her to wake up and join an audio call we planned to do today, the first time i will hear her heavenly voice in real time. i’m getting way too excited.

she’s in the US. i’m in france. i have no idea how all of this will be in the near future or any further, and i don’t care. i’m just too happy. i’m a very rational person, and this love is completely irrational, but i just don’t care. i want to live for my sweet angel.

hey you there. go find some love. it’s worth it.