Dominique Cyprès's music page

I'm Dominique Cyprès. I make dark ambient synth music with experimental, IDM, hauntological, darkwave, romantic & impressionist influences. I work with a modular synthesis approach, primarily in VCV Rack.

Much of my music is Creative Commons-licensed and I welcome inquiries from anyone who would like to use it in video productions, podcasts, or remixes. For more info, contact me by email at

Sometimes I review other people's music.

These are my albums, each with a short preview clip:

Interregnum MMXXII album cover
Interregnum MMXXII (July 2022)
Lost Temple album cover
Lost Temple (November 2021)
Point Mass cover
Point Mass (July 2021)
Plague album cover
Plague (May 2021)


Interregnum MMXXII album cover
Wake Up (September 2022)