Difficulty table with a focus on scoring difficulty, containing HARD JUDGE charts only.

Please contact @marie_qune on twitter for proposals.

Chart Requirements

  • Scoring difficulty must be the main focus. Patterns which shift the focus onto clearing difficulty are likely to make the chart unsuitable.
  • HARD JUDGE and 7KEYS charts only.
  • #TOTAL must be reasonable and mines are not allowed.
  • Long Notes and SOF-LAN are allowed if used sparingly and with intent.
  • Kuse and technical patterns are welcome so long as they do not shift the focus away from scoring and onto clearing difficulty.

Rating System

The main table is comprised of the 下, 中 and 上 categories (each representing different density levels), only those will have their timing difficulty rated.

Notes on the 鬼 (oni) folder: This is to be considered a specially curated folder where the more gimmicky or spicy charts go.

I will draw a thing of your choosing for each person who is the first to send me a AAA score on any of these charts (limited to one per person).
They are not all necessarily hard to score on, so please give it a try! (check comments below to see which are already claimed)

Category Rating
low density (≤☆10) 0 trivial
medium density (☆11 ~ ★2) 1 straightforward
high density (≥★2) 2 easier technical patterns
challenge folder 3 harder technical patterns



提案したい方はTwitter DM(@marie_qune)にてお願いします。


  • 表の焦点はあくまでスコアゲーです。譜面にクリアゲーっぽい配置(ラス殺し、強い局所発狂など)が含めていれば恐らく対象外と判断されます
  • HARD判定のある7KEYS譜面に限定しています
  • 地雷または異常なTOTAL値を使用する譜面は嫌わずに拒否されます
  • ある程度にロングノーツとソフランがあれば構いません
  • 癖譜面(クリアゲーではない種類)は歓迎です







カテゴリー 難易度
低密度部門 (☆10以下) 0 軽い
中 中密度部門(☆11〜☆12下) 1 単純
高密度部も (☆12) 2 複雑下位
地獄絵図のようなフォルダ 3 複雑上位




  • Added 点中1 eoll / obj. HARD判定 ENJOYERS - Love Like [A Flower]
  • Added 点中1 EXCITECH / obj. marie - Hypertext Transfer Protocol -418-
  • Added 点中2 Thefur Celtridorn obj. w - Beats and Bites -HARD判定-
  • Added 点中3 M-kani obj. w - The avenue -HARD判定-
  • Added 点下0 eoll - Unexpected rain -Another-
  • Moved from temporary to main URL.


  • 点中2 → 点中1 cittan* - Leviathan 匠
  • Added 点上3 MITCH DOWNVELL / obj. HARD判定 ENJOYERS - not 桜 [salmonother]
  • Added 点中1 Yamajet / obj. HARD判定 ENJOYERS BGA:cyclia - drivin'FTR [walkin'FTR]
  • Added 点中2 er - スーパーイザナギオブジェクト ~サンラータン~


  • Added 点中2 mocha - Saudade (`・θ・´)
  • Added 点下1 usomitaina twins obj: agu - 悲劇のアニマルキングダム ~BMS MIX~ [cursed]