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Sat Dec 11 11:41:07 UTC 2021

             YEAR ZERO

the concept has been in mind a lot as of late. 
thinking of how i have used up so much time on works that drag on and on. 
and in the end i wind up hating. or just wind up rolling up into a corner, 
like 'hubris' and 'violence' from 2015 - 18. big fails. 'unt_2020' now cut 
into a bunch of small works, a fail in my mind. and i am not sure what i 
was thinking. 
and how an idea, can push you into a corner. something something white whale. 
some vague aim at a yet more vague concept, a drunk playing darts. 

if 2022, is a second take at starting this decade, 20/21 got kinda messy. 
and what work do you want to make, what do you want to give your attention to?
some pain in the idea, that what you made before was in fact not that good. 
and that in order to proceed, you may need to just drop things which have a year
or more of that attention poured into them. 


and what to do with the bits that were really good in a work?
cut em out? re-draw... i suppose the underlining ideas remain.