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hi, i'm ennis! this is my web page, as you can see... if you want to know a little more about me, i would recommend the ABOUT page. or the REGGIE page! or LINKS. all are good! i'm always trying to make this an interesting place, while keeping the tone of web sites i am inspired by and love to visit myself... anyway, ty for visiting!


1/26/17: happy new year to all!! i hope your holidays were good. hm. i think i want to fix reggie's page and make it look better, and add more links. oh and i added an intro thing! *points up to intro thing*


10/15/16: has it been a month already??!! i hope everyone is having a lovely autumn/spring~ i have a few more reggie pics up, they're all from a fun day we played outside last week :') i'm real busy with school at the moment but im glad i could pop in and update!! see ya for now.

9/15/16: hello all! autumn is just showing itself here, and the days are getting chillier... i've (finally) added some HOT LINX to my links page, too! check it out if you want.

8/29/16: ok i THINK i got the gallery working ok! i think... it was looking really bad on mobile but now all my reggie pics have cute heart backgrounds! a good choice imo

8/21/16: the reggie page is looking a lot better! and i added some more pics, too.

8/14/16: home at last..... up top i have added a link to the manga translation group im in, if you know of a little mecha series called patlabor you might be interested! i gotta get hauling on the reggie page too, i have lots of camping pics to put up. ;D

8/6/16: i will be camping for a week, so no updates until the 13th!! see you around ☆

8/3/16: much nicer styling! ooh la la! (ppl won't really notice this one but i'm proud aha)

8/1/16: long time no update!!
7/22/16: BIG CHANGES!! 7/21/16: started on the REGGIE PICS PAGE