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Unless otherwise noted, wiki contents are posted under a CC-BY 4.0 license.

A notable exception: origami photos are not covered by the license. While the photos might be CC-BY 4.0 in spirit, the models shown in them are generally considered in the origami world to be copyrighted, and unless the model designer has licensed their models accordingly, permission from the designer is required for "commercial" purposes.


The origami album is generated with Sigal and the wiki with Simiki. I haven't found a static site generator yet that handles groups of images well, allowing for longer captions if needed, supports regular Markdown text files while wrapping it all up in a simple theme.

For a while I had a grotesque shell script that sticks html fragments together then tacks the handful of html pages to the album. It was a broken thing that also dampened what little motivation I had left to occasionally write and post.

Most SSG excel at text-heavy pages or blogging, with image handling as a minor feature and not very customisable. The ones that offer more granular control use a pipeline approach, are targeted towards developers looking for a headless CMS, or have a large stack of dependencies. The closest application besides Sigal is probably Nikola with its thorough user guide, and what I might look into if I were to recreate my ~ page from the ground up.

The downside to using multiple site generators is holding separate themes for each section, though the themes use the same stylesheet with the help of aliases or symbolic links. Simiki hasn't been updated for some time (since May 2019 as of this writing), but with ~ there's no pressure to use the latest and greatest. It's easy to install and works.

Markdown files are written in Vim, converted to html by Simiki and uploaded to ~town with rsync.

Updated:  2021-11-10 22:36 UTC