August 5, 2018: ~abraxas

Model design by 212moving. Folded by ~mio.

For a great friend, ~abraxas.

Thank you for sharing your time, talents and enthusiasm.
Please watch over the town sometimes.
Try not to laugh too hard at the lopsided haskell shinto temples.

Crease memory

One idle afternoon, conversation on IRC drifted to paperfolding. abraxas asked if anyone in town did origami. I replied timidly in the affirmative. At his request, I showed him a few things I had folded, and we got to talking about the kinds of models we liked. While town membership is diverse, I guess we were both amazed to find someone who reads the same somewhat obscure magazines, let alone heard of them.

Over the next several months, we would occasionally nudge each other about models in progress, particularly the dogs in a book published by the group SAOC. He was often upbeat, always kind, and bounced easily from one conversation topic to another, genuinely curious about many things.

He declared we should have an origami portal linking to models folded by townies. Although the portal didn't happen (yet), through his and other townies' encouragement, I added some images to my ~ page.

Were it not for his question that started it all, I would still have the origami images, but might not have posted them. Other people's renders were better, and I didn't know another abraxas who might be interested. After all, there is only one abraxas.

Updated:  2021-11-10 00:00 UTC