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friday postcards

Friday poscards is a rotating online gallery of picture submitted by the tilde.town IRC users. It is updated every friday. To see the latest postcards visit http://tilde.town/~jumblesale/fp.html. To look through the archives go to https://tilde.town/~jumblesale/fp/archive/.

To contribute: share a link to an image on IRC with the text #fridaypostcard. For example: "top aesthetic http://i.imgur.com/tvMnFZR.png #fridaypostcard"

Hot Tips:

14:51 <lucidiot> avoid ttm.sh and 0x0.st as those will die, avoid .jpeg because it doesn't work, make sure your url has an extension 14:51 <lucidiot> ideally, just put the image in your public_html lol

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