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Troubleshooting - Encoding


A common sign of a text encoding issues are "tofu". Tofu are usually represented by a box or a question mark in a hexagon - something like this: �. They replace any character that's unknown or invalid, and ones that don't have a font on your device to display them. The culprit is usually your terminal using a different encoding than Tilde which uses UTF-8.


If you know how to do so, please contribute with instructions for whatever terminal application you're using.


Open the Settings dropdown, and click "Edit Current Profile". Go down to the Advanced tab, and click on the "Default character encoding" box. Move down to Unicode in the dropdown, then click UTF-8.


In the Translation category under the Window category, set the character set dropdown to UTF-8.

Windows Command Prompt

Uses UTF-8 by default, however support is partial - WeeChat seems to work at least.

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