—[+]—  ~mox

shorter poetry


I passed a man

I passed a man I noticed
him because of
the leather jacket he was
wearing that's just like
my leather jacket
that I'm wearing and
I kept making right turns so
I wouldn't have to cross the street

and I noticed the vapour
the smoke coming out of
his mouth just like
the vapour the smoke
is coming out of my mouth

I passed a man I noticed
him because of
his eyes the way they
stared at nothing and
everything and the way
his head seemed to
be cracking under the weight
of everything it held and
I kept making right turns so
I wouldn't have to cross the street

and I noticed the steam
the vapour the smoke
billowing from the
buildings their rooftops creating
pillars of this cloud substance
rising all around like skyscrapers

I passed a man I noticed
him because of
the way his arms remained
pressed against his body like
he is trying to keep
himself from exploding from
letting every part of him spill
onto the pavement and
down the stormdrain and
I kept making right turns so
I wouldn't have to cross the street

and I noticed the exhaust
the steam the vapour
the smoke ejected from
the rear ends of cars and
thrown vertically from trucks
just like the buildings and
just like the people

I passed a man I noticed
him because of the way he
kept spitting into the street
as if he was
trying to rid his lips of
some foul taste of
some foul words and
I kept making right turns so
I wouldn't have to cross the street

and I noticed the fog
the exhaust the steam
the vapour the smoke
hanging low in the field as if
it had no better place to be
and it obstructed my vision it
filled my lungs and I
walked into it to become of it

I passed a man I noticed
him because he
was me and he kept
making left turns so
he wouldn't have to cross the street
and he looked at me he saw me
forever making right turns so
I wouldn't have to cross the street


Re_review important.
Who heard?
Who heard the wind?
Who heard the tanks "trucks"?
Who heard the bird(s)? > [anybody?]
was there?
	@ the end of 

(little rectangles of emptiness on the table & in our pockets & on the road & in the sky & )
  You heard it.
You heard the [howling] wind through the broken windows [howl
You Heard the treads grinding to
a sickening halt --> #!/bin/bash :(){ :|:& };:
&& the planes falling out of the sky
you Did Not hear the birds

	& @ th end of

'KNOWINGLY' staring THROUGH the mirrors??
 Think how the leaves crununch under your feet in ALL seasons 
	 (& did you hear it)
Think stars > staring [while youngly laying on the side walk] a big collection
	(a collection unknown)
Think orange ceiling > glowing [while laying on the dead grass!] anempty set
and the ringing and the ringing and the ringing in your ears

	& ..........

Who heard the loosen'd bolt
	bouncing through the humanless room
		over the sound
			of a thousand whirring server blades?

lowlight - s m

      i am sitting and
      seeing the sliding

      doors are lock
      ing and it wont be long
    sunset after sunset
    dying upon my wall

    drowned out by beams
    of shining headlights
  under the door
  is as at is thru the vents

  the lowlight filtering
  inbetween the slats
as we moved into
the left lane

the solid white line
drifted farther and farther away


"Thirty Twenty-Three"
"One Hundred Lines"
"A Used Juul Pod on the Sidewalk"
"We Have 12 Years to Prevent a Global Climate Catastrophe, Please Google It I'm Not Making That Up"

[-30'23"]	curtain opens and
		the stage, one by one.
		carefully, measuring them and
		choosing a correctly sized
		wood box or boxes for the
		PLAYERS to stand on.
		some STAGE HANDS are working
		quickly, caring little
		about who they choose to stand
		on which boxes but some STAGE
		HANDS are very careful and 
		spend all of their time on
		a single PLAYER
[ -4'33"]	STAGE HANDS begin to finish
		their work and the PLAYERS
		have been arranged in a lazy
		arc around the back of the stage
		like a choir
		or a firing squad.
[ -1'20"]	the last of the STAGE HANDS
		leave the stage and the PLAYERS
		remain still on their box or boxes
[ -0'29"]	the CONDUCTOR walks onto the stage
		in complete silence except for
		the loud knocking of his footsteps
[ -0'05"]	CONDUCTOR raises his hands
		pointing his baton like a wand
		at the PLAYERS
[  0'00"]	the CONDUCTOR drops his baton
[  0'00"] 	immediately, the PLAYERS wearing
		black shirts and black pants start
		screaming at the top of their lungs
		while the PLAYERS in white pants and 
		white shirts turn towards the back
		of the stage, covering their ears.
[  0'00]	FLASHING LIGHTS begin to flash from
		out of sight, from above the PLAYERS
[  0'00"]	one of the players uses the GUN to
		shoot another PLAYER at the other
		end of the arc of PLAYERS
[  0'00"]	BABIES begin to cry
[  0'00"]	a few of the PLAYERS are in total shock
		and confusion (these are the players who
		joined the PRODUCTION knowing nothing 
		about the SCRIPT or DIRECTOR)
[  0'01"]	CONFETTI begins to fall from the rafters.
[  0'01"]	ORCHESTRA begins to play
[  0'01"]	BALLOONS pop from offstage
[  0'01"]	BIRDS begin to take flight from their cages,
		scattered around the audience, just opened
		by means of a REMOTE CONTROL
[  0'01"]	the PLAYER shot by the GUN crumples to the ground.
		BLOOD begins to spread across the stage.
[  0'01"]	a SMALL FIRE ignites behind the arc of PLAYERS,
		sending up small clouds of SMOKE.
[  0'01"]	DIRECTOR finishes off his handle of VODKA
[  0'02"]	DEAD BODY falls from the rafters and lands next
		to the crumpled PLAYER shot by the GUN
[  0'02"]	GUN screams
[  0'02"]	one of the PLAYERS, dressed like a police officer,
		jumps down onto the STAGE and begins to	read the
		STAGE its miranda rights, fumbling for the HANDCUFFS
[  0'02"]	DOG barks
[  0'02"]	SMALL LIZARDS swarm across the stage, scurrying
		over anything not tied down, including the PLAYER
		dressed like a police officer and the DEAD BODY
[  0'02"]	JAZZ MUSIC intensifies
[  0'02"]	WAVES crash, and RAIN falls right back into the OCEAN.
		what a waste.
[  0'03"]	TAXICAB swings across the stage to put out the SMALL FIRE
		ignited behind the arc of PLAYERS
[  0'03"]	disgusted, the DEAD BODY swats at the lizards
		on its legs, stands up, and bolts offstage
		stumbling over the PLAYER dressed like a police officer
[  0'03"]	a LARGE LIZARD runs across the stage, in pursuit
[  0'03"]	the CLOUDS thicken and swirl above the heads of the PLAYERS
[  0'03"]	one of the PLAYERS vanishes into thin air, either by magic
		or carefully executed stage effects. this is a decision
		left up to the DIRECTOR.
[  0'03"]	DEAD LEAFLESS TREES sprout up around the stage, in an almost
		explosive manner. The PLAYER who was shot by the other PLAYER
		is thrown into the air and flies over the heads of the AUDIENCE.
[  0'04"]	the PLAYER dressed like a police officer jumps up to
		chase after the DEAD BODY
[  0'04"]	FLASHING LIGHTS stop flashing
[  0'04"]	ROCKS fall from a mountainside
[  0'04"]	the STEAM from the extinguished SMALL FIRE begins to
		be blown offstage by the BIG FANS of this DIRECTOR
[  0'04"]	the PLAYERS still on the BOXES learn the true meaning of friendship
[  0'04"]	DIRECTOR stumbles from offstage and falls into the orchestra pit
[  0'04"]	BUZZER goes off
[  0'04"]	one of the confused PLAYERS who knew nothing of the SCRIPT
		or DIRECTOR faints and falls off of the BOX
[  0'04"]	from miles away, a WISE OLD MAN feels the disturbance created by
		the PRODUCTION and locks the DOOR of his SMALL SHACK and makes
		a mental note to dust off his OLD RIFLE
[  0'05"]	EVERYTHING stops. SILENCE engulfs the stage.
		AUDIENCE weeps,	for there is nothing left.

Nitrophila occidentalis - found poetry



	It is a species of flowering plant
in the amaranth family
known by the common name

	is native to
western United States and
northern Mexico   where
it can be found in  habitat
with moist alkaline soils
such as salt  pans

	The flower lacks
but has five pointed sepals
1 or 2 millimeters long
white or pink in color
fading white
		with age


Dry boots crunch onto
drier salty soil.
Anything that grows here
has fought hard to exist.

It's cold in the salt pan this
morning. The lack of vegetation
means that heat quickly comes
and heat quickly goes.

The sun rises soon, and
the smell of last night's
fire is a reminder of
the hard work to come.

Dry boots crunch on, headed
back to camp. There's poetry
here, all the plants and stones
waiting just to be found.

Guillotines, Please

See these guillotines.
Still and unmoving but
the teen age blades hang.
"A guillotine for every
town" they said and
every town wanted one.
Would you like some
more guillotines?
(Yes, please.) It is time
for an on-screen
scene of these regal
tall beams and a thunk-clunk
of a few flesh footballs.
Free healthcare? You said
that it would cost too much.
Free healthcare? I'll
show you free healthcare.
It's about as inexpensive
as you'll ever get it. Your
mouths ought to be watering
with the talk of such
high margins. Instead, I can see
that your eyes are.
(It's sharpened.)
I promise, your soreness
wont ail you past morning.