Elecom Deft Trackball


The Elecom Deft is a wireless trackball made by Elecom. It's the trackball I currently use as the mouse for my main PC. For nerds, the model number of mine is M-DT2DR. I bought it second-hand from eBay for £30.

[image: The Trackball]

UPDATE: after using it for 3 months, one of the butons has already started to fail. It's one of the top macro buttons that I remapped to be a middle click for use in plan 9, and it's started to be inconsistent.

My micro-review

It's pretty good. The ball is relatively small and it took some time to be at all precise with it. The thumb cluster of buttons and scroll-wheel is nice but the right-click is annoyingly small. I ended up remapping one of the macro buttons to a second middle-click to use it in plan 9. Having a scroll wheel is a nice upgrade over my previous trackball, the Logitech Trackman Marble, but the scroll click is a bit stiff to press. The scrollwheel also tilts up and down but I've yet to find a use for this function at all.

The ball is smoother too and it overall feels quite nice and comfortable to use, with the exception of the stupid right click.