About Me

Hi, I'm Nico (he/him or they/them, no masc terms), and I'm an internet person. This is a place where I write about whatever I'm thinking about. I speak english and toki pona. Most of the content here will be in English but I'm hoping to write some toki pona content soon. I'm genderqueer, I wouldn't call myself non-binary, but if you want to refer to me as such for convenience, this is fine.

toki! mi jan Niko. lipu ni li jo e toki ale tan mi. mi sona e toki Inli e toki pona. sitelen mute lon lipu ni li kepeken toki Inli taso mi wile sitelen mute kepeken toki pona lon tenpo kama. mi tonsi.

About this site

this is a site that is available over both the web and gemini protocols. It's generated using the linluwi tool, which I wrote myself in fennel.