lipu pi soweli Niko

Hi, I’m Nico (it/its), and I’m an internet catperson. This is a place where I write about whatever I’m thinking about. I speak english and toki pona. Most of the content here will be in English but I’m hoping to write some toki pona content soon. I’m genderqueer and non-binary.

You can find me on other internet places too:

Mastodon Bandcamp

toki! mi soweli Niko. lipu ni li jo e toki ale tan mi. mi sona e toki Inli e toki pona. sitelen mute lon lipu ni li kepeken toki Inli taso mi wile sitelen mute kepeken toki pona lon tenpo kama. mi tonsi.

About this site

this is my personal site. It’s generated using hugo. It used to be on gemini, but isn’t any more.