lipu pi soweli Niko

Site Refresh, and Introducing Mwu!

So I got a bit tired of my site’s style and layout and decided to refresh it. After considering writing my own SSG and the other things that nerds do in this situation, evaluating different alternative hosting/platform options (including giving up on a blog entirely, because this whole web thing is hard) I decided to just change up the theme and some of the layout, as it was easier than migrating to any other platform. The new theme is based on the Hugo BearBlog theme, which I am a fan of. I added some new shortcodes to

Mwu: ZZZzzzzzzZZZzz


Mwu: you nerds with your website talk. Cut to the good part! Mwu!

I suppose I will. Along with this small visual refresh of the site (which I hope you like) I’m also introducing a new friend, mwu! Mwu will be here hopefully helping me out with writing blog posts and providing their own thoughts. helping, right?

Mwu Says:

As well as interjecting in posts to add my own (completely useful) thoughts, I will sometimes come here with tips! They’re in boxes like this. So when you see a box like this, know that it’s my better ideas! mwu!

ugh. OK.

Anyway, enjoy the refresh!