Koss KSC75 Headphones


UPDATE: Both of my pairs of these died, at least on one side, within 6 months. I would not recommend buying them at all. The rest of this page is preserved purely for history.

The koss KSC75 are ear-clip headphones made by koss. They're cheap (I got mine for £20) and sound really good for the price (I am happy with how they sound when I A-B them with my ATH-M40x and they're far better than my tin t3). The cable is awful and they feel very cheaply made though, so I'm not sure how they'll hold up. I've also heard that they can be modded to fix some of the problems they have. So maybe I'll try that and edit this page to have more info if I do.

UPDATE: The cable on my first pair is broken. I'm not sure when I first wrote this page, but the fact that they broke (seemingly fairly quickly) might be an example of poor longevity, although I'm planning to do the "MMCX mod" on mine (more info when I do it)