Plan 9


This page serves as an index of useful plan9 related resources. I have been using a plan 9 machine for more and more daily tasks recently, so I figured I should start collecting up the stuff I used to learn and what I've been working on.

Installing plan9 in virt-manager

To install plan9 in virt-manager, just install it like you would any other OS. I followed nicolasmontanaro's 9front guide to set up drawterm to connect to the VM through that. Make sure that you're running it in qemu rather than qemu (user session). The IP to connect to with drawterm is the one that will show up as the IP of the network adapter in virt-manager. If you connect with drawterm, your host machine's filesystem will be available as /mnt/term.

9front guide

My nonsense

From vimwiki to acme


9front FQA
XXIIVV plan 9 page gemini capsule (seems to have lots of resources)
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