I always cook porridge over a stove (never microwave) using Quaker rolled oats and oat milk. I use 80g of oats to 450ml of milk for one large portion. Let it boil then turn it down to cook until it's the consistency you want. Then add whatever spices you want, transfer to a bowl, and top with whatever. This page is currently quite bare but I will keep it updated with my porridge-related experiments.


I use Quaker rolled oats because they're what I have, and easy to get. I want to try steel-cut oats but I haven't yet because I can't find them.


Oat Milk is currently my favorite for making porridge with, it adds some sweetness without having to sweeten the porridge. I tried almond milk as well and it gave the porridge a weird taste. If you still drink dairy for some reason, you can use cow's milk too, but oat is better.


I like cinnamon in porridge. 1/2tsp is what I put in currently and that's probably a bit much but this is something to change to your taste. You can also sweeten it, but I'm not a fan of that as much as spices. You could probably also do both, with some sweetening and some spicing. Maple Syrup is good as a sweetener.


Honestly, you can throw a lot of things on top of porridge and it'll be good. Here are some of my favorites:

My walnut granola recipe


Hell no! Microwave-cooking porridge is a mistake. You have no control over the consistency and always end up with something worse than if you took a little more effort to cook it over a stove.