Some Experiments With a 3D Printer and Sharpie Markers


Devin from Make Anything released a video on youtube showing a method for 3d printing colored models using sharpie markers. I thought this was a good idea, so I printed their sharpie color blender model and mounted it to the prusa i3 mk3s 3d printer that I used. Initially I used a mount that clipped to the frame of the printer, but this had issues with color consistency as it was far from the nozzle (so there would be a gap of uncolored filament) and it caused some tangles with the spool holder. Then I designed and printed my own mount on the extruder of the printer, replacing the top filament sensor cover. This mount limits the print area of the printer but has more consistent results.

Devin's video
Devin's sharpie blender files
Prusa frame mount files
How the frame mount looks
The extruder mount
The extruder mount, full of sharpies
The extruder mount (STL file)

Here are 3 kiwen nanpa (toki pona dice) printed using 3 methods. The grey cube is prusa pearl mouse PLA, without any sharpie coloring. The orange cube is prusa transparent PLA with orange sharpies in the frame-mounted blender. The green cube is transparent PLA with green sharpies in the extruder-mounted blender. The green is far more consistent than the orange but still not very strong. I want to continue experimenting with this and try to get stronger colors.

a photo of all 3 dice.

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