Varvara on rockbox


I ported the varvara emulator (the uxn virtual machine) to rockbox digital audio players. Thanks to Bad Diode and Alderwick on #uxn for the help with the audio, file, and controller devices!

You can get it here:

varvara rockbox

Note: this is not the "ideal" varvara experience. Due to firmware it runs at 50, not 60fps.

Usage: install it, then open a varvara .rom file on your player!


While this is a "plugin", rockbox plugins are built against a specific build of rockbox so you need to rebuild rockbox. Follow the building instructions for your player on the rockbox wiki, then run `make zip` and extract that to the root of your player.

Rockbox build instructions

Reporting bugs

Feel free to report any problems on the uxn irc channel (tag nihilazo, if I'm online), on the tildegit repo, on masto, or contact me whatever way! I want this to work better on more players so hit me up if you have any issues.