From vimwiki to acme


I used to use vimwiki for all my personal notes. It was pretty cool, and I have years worth of notes that are still stored in vimwiki's markdown format. Recently I've been using plan 9's acme more than vim, but I still wanted to work with my vimwiki. Turns out, this is quite easy.

My git repo for plan 9 scripts

The features I needed to do what I used vimwiki for in acme:

Following markdown links

This is built in to acme (right click the path in round brackets). I tried writing a plumbing rule that matched links themselves, but acme's default behavior is more than good enough here.

Making new pages

I wrote an rc script, mdlink, that will, when some text in the window is selected:

Get it here

Usage: Write |mdlink into your tag, select the text you want a new page off of, execute it!

Searching through the wiki

9front has a script, g, which can be used to recursively search for source code. I modified it to be case-insensitive and search markdown files rather than source files. Using it is as easy as "wg [search]" from any window that is open in the wiki. I don't exactly know how this works, but it does work.

Get it here