Xduoo X3 music player


The Xduoo X3 is a portable music player that supports the rockbox open-source firmware. I bought it to replace my sansa fuze plus.

Why not the sansa?

There are some things that the sansa fuze+ sucked at. Primarily, the interface. While the software side could be fixed with tweaks in rockbox, the physical interface (the touchpad) totally sucked. I want to be able to use a player without looking at it and this was impossible on the sansa.

Mine was also slowly dying, with random input problems and other things. So I wanted to replace it with something with the same strengths (rockbox, microSD) but without the awful interface. I bought the X3 on ebay for £65.

Review (without rockbox)


Review (with rockbox)

It plays music. Honestly, I can't really review things like this because my experience is so limited. But the controls are usable without looking at them, and it plays music that sounds good in all the headphones I own. It didn't bother me with short battery life and so far I haven't had any serious issues with it. Two SD card slots is nice and line out is also good. It's small enough to fit in a pocket while still having a large enough display to be readable and large enough controls to be comfortable. So recommended, I guess.