Famous Bromsgrovians

Bromsgrove is a market town in Worcestershire, UK. It's about half way between Worcester and Birmingham. I think that it's cool because it was where the Bromsgrove Guild was from, a group of artisans who made all sorts of exciting things, most notably the Liver Birds on Liverpool's Royal Liver Building (you can actually see the workshop built especially to house them while they were being constructed as it still stands in Bromsgrove today), the main gates of Buckingham Palace, and Terpsichore, the iconic figure on the Fortune Theatre near Covent Garden.

The poet Housman was from a village in the Bromsgrove district. He wrote some alright poems, and had a reputation for being very sassy about all the pretentious scholars at the universities, while somehow being a pretentious university scholar himself but not seeming like a hypocrite.

Charlotte Badger was a notable early ninteenth century pirate. Considered to be the first female Australian pirate, she was deported to Australia after being caught stealing to support her family. She and a friend convinced a ship's crew to mutiny, ended up moving to New Zealand, and learnt to speak fluent Māori.

Dan Bull is a songwriter who writes comedy songs about video games and puts them on Youtube. He also has taken up politcal activism and campaigns against the Digital Economy Bill.

Zara Guest is a local icon and multi-instrumentalist. Born in 2004, she embodies the quintessentially Bromsgrovian character: being impeccably rad and hip. Almost never seen without her trademark sunglasses, it is common to see posing in artistic shoots for her legions of fans, or heading to school - despite her celebrity, she still understands the importance of a good education.

Sajid Javid is the MP for Bromsgrove. He has held a few high-profile positions, mostly because he is enthusiastic about whatever the current head of the Tory party says. He notably took a stand against Boris Johnson's nonsense in 2020, resigning from his place. This raised public opinion of him somewhat, although consensus was that he should have waited for Johnson to actually fire him so as to spark more outrage. Unlike previous Bromsgrove MPs, no allegations of using taxpayer's money to save money on two houses have come to light yet.