One day I decided to try a tilde community I've read about. And filled a form to one I knew about (besides closed original tilde club). Waiting time was 1-3 days. Out of impatience, I've started to read about the original tilde club more and found out that there is a bunch of them. And in yourtilde.com, for example, waiting for registration stated as from one hour to one day.

So I've filled a registration form at yourtilde. How can I know, maybe guys at tilde town will reject my application?

In the end, I've got accounts at both communities, but at yourtilde a little earlier. So, for now, I plan to write at yourtilde, as started, and gradually getting to know both communities.

You can go to my page at yourtilde. I don't want to mirror it there yet. Maybe later. Maybe I will migrate here later. Don't know yet.