Golden Gate Park Scavenger Hunt

Note: This puzzle was created to entertain guests at a summer solstice event in the park and is best experienced around sunset. Start your hunt at Pioneer Meadow East.

Welcome! What better way to celebrate the sun and shifting of seasons than to walk around the park and solve these riddles? The answer to this puzzle is a word or phrase. Feel free to message me any time if you get stuck or need a hint. Google things generously. Everything in this scavenger hunt is within the bounds defined by a rectangle from 23rd - 12th Ave (West - East) and Fulton St - MLK Jr Dr (North - South). If you leave these bounds, you've gone too far!

┌──────► 🙅‍♀️ ─► ⚔️ ─► 🛏 = ___ │ start └──────► 🌲 ─► 🦢 ─► 🇹🇼 = ___

When you think you've got the answer, come back and let me know!