18 june 2017

wondering what to do about my vast array of too many sites all over the internet and almost kinda feel sometimes like starting with nothing & rebuilding. some things that keep me from doing that is that my :CL-HOMEPAGE package for common- lisp is neat & fun to have on the SDF but it's not as yet equipped to handle a blog-like interface. maybe working on a module that sorts such a thing out is a good next project. or maybe i should put :CL-HOMEPAGE on the backburner, as i'm quite veering away from the W3 altogether. i just started a new gopherspace at grex/cyberspace and love the protocol and system. maybe my web front should just mirror my new gopher. i don't know, a lot to think about.


02 april 2017

it's difficult to explain how excited i am for rick and morty to be back.

april fools day, which i do not celebrate, is as far away from today as it possibly can be at any given time in a year. hooray!

i have been drinking very small amounts of live kombucha every day. as it is a very potent beverage, it is most enjoyable in tiny savored sips. this appears to have a positive correlation with several aspects of health. i know the drink did used to sometimes make me feel ill quite immediately in some way, from nausea to headache etc. either it works better in small quantity, or i am in process of building up an immunity to the possible side-effects of consuming the unusual fermented tea.

film/television series might be the most effective medium ever created for effective storytelling. after finding the first two episodes of season three of black mirror to be horrible, especially compared to the absolutely brilliant first two seasons, i was advised by a friend to continue on to the third. it is entitled "shut up and dance" and is as good as or better than almost every episode from the second season. it also contained some easter eggs referencing season one episodes, which i appreciate. i intend to see episode four today if all is well and the day is quiet.


30 march 2017

a bit worried about state of the internet.

also i had set today aside to allocate some bitcoin but i woke up to find that btc price is near 1100 USD. who among us has not bought at 500 thinking it a reasonable low only to find an immediate drop to 300 that steadies itself for months rendering your credits trapped in the cryptocoin exchange.

not sure how i will spend the day. there is some system configuration i wish to undertake, but i am waiting on a service provider.

today feels like one of those days where everything i had planned to do with regards to work is just slightly out of reaach. it's still early in the day though, so maybe something will come to light ... if i don't end up making a substantial contribution to computer science today, i'll be a bit gutted.

not to worry though, i feel fine overall i think!


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