Art Nook

This page is a gallery of art I've done outside of the town.

An eldritch humanoid holding hands with a green-haired human.

July 2021; sort of a self-portrait.

A humanoid whose entire body is squeezed by their sleeves wrapping around them.

June 2021; A piece attempting to articulate what anxiety feels like.

Stylized grains sprouting from a rectangular frame in the center.

June 2021; A Gruvbox computer wallpaper.

Indistinct shapes and lines, with eyes and swirling shapes interspersed throughout.

July 2021; An automatic art piece- drawing without thinking about what lines to use or what the end result should be.

A human-sized pink muppet taking a selfie in a bathroom mirror.

October 2020: A handsewn muppet I made in about eight hours. My hand fits inside his hand, and his head is operated by my other hand.