Performa Classic's Raw HTML Site

Welcome to my site! You may notice that it looks rather plain. This is not a mistake. In the spirit of (in fact, this site was hosted there for a day until I reread the man page and realized that I need to keep my sites as raw text!), I decided to make this site pure HTML. Not quite raw text, sorry, but it is raw HTML. No CSS, no JS. Just a website written in XHTML Strict 1.0. All about the content here. Although this is admittedly more of a replacement for a social media profile page than anything else.

I'm a central Indiana-based retro computer geek. I used Linux for five years, but being on pubnixes has taught me more about Unix than using Linux as a desktop OS. I now use macOS. It's dead easy to set up, though I won't lie and say I don't miss libre OSes. Of course, these accounts absolutely help me miss it less.

I used to be a hardcore Vi(m) user, but recently I switched to Emacs, and frankly, I wish I had began to use it sooner. With a sane keyboard configuration (especially for GUIs that use Windows-like keybindings), Emacs is nearly as ergonomic as Vi, while having more intuitive keybindings. I actually seemed to have forgotten how to use Vi beyond closing it! Ah well, at least the thing everyone makes jokes about is something I remember, though I think exiting Vi(m) is more intuitive than exiting Emacs... for a good long while, I found it as hard as the jokes implied about Vi(m)!

TRAMP rules! I'm using it right now to edit this file from my local Emacs configuration! Don't need a terminal editor when I can just edit from the comfort of my own setup without having to port it everywhere like I had to do with my Vim configuration. I don't need to worry about the remote Emacs version, nor do I have to deal with the terminal version. I never quite got Vim window management anyways. Might even use EXWM if/when I return to libre operating systems.

More about me!

So far, I just have an opinions page that I wrote in Org Mode.

I have made a plea to people online here to stop being idiots. It's in the public domain because I do not wish to put my name to it as I feel it'd detract from the message, and I want it to spread far and wide, as well as for it to change with the times. I'm sure given the nature of the context, people will modify it to be "funny", but I don't think that's the end of the world.

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