70ch is the optimal reading width. Honestly I'd die by this opinion, Some people think its silly but sometimes I'll edit a sites css myself to be only 70ch wide with an automatic margin. Try it.

I have a lot of Feels.

Things I find neat

Hypercore. A decentralised protocol, Wish it was written in ES6...

Chia. Proof of time and space cryptocurrency with lisp functionality.

Casual Resume

Currently creating, maintaining and developing products on a SASS Platform.
Working with Typescript, AWS & Serverless.
100% Serverless Stack.

I made a crypto I despise called Garlicoin, Was a fun joke but it should be nothing more than that.

Used to write album reviews and maintain infrastructure for a now defunct magazine that focused purely on the genre vaporwave. Was fun. Email me for an archive.

Made a bunch of discord bots, They're fun.

Todo & Life goals

Learn Rust or at least some kind of language. Maybe lisp? C? Assembler?

Contribute to the linux kernel in some way.

"Work from home" abroad, AirBnB in some cozy european villa somewhere and dial into work. Maybe Korea? China? Japan? Russia? The sky's the limit.

Get Kaiden in IIDX, I am a child.

Own an actual server; In my home. I struggle sleeping with a hard drive running in a PC let a lone a server rack running. But I want it anyway! Think of all the things I could procrastinate doing!

Write a userscript to force 70ch width everywhere.