blog / first therapy

I started seeing a therapist again for anxiety and depression. My first session was today.

Before I can spin up a thousand excuses about how it’s probably ineffective or inconsequential or won’t make any real difference, I’ll take a minute to enjoy the feeling of having taken a real, physical step toward being a less-shitty person.

And part of that means being less-shitty toward friends and acquaintances, like you, dear reader. No longer do I vaguely-but-with-no-real-effort-or-action “want to be better”; I am actually doing at least one thing.

Extra thank-yous to my friend who said: “Therapy is always good. Don’t worry about ‘wasting their time’ or thinking you aren’t having ‘real enough problems.’ You are paying them, it’s literally their job to listen.” That helped me finally get started.