(wip) reject false progress


Many of my compatriots here on tilde.town and elsewhere are enthusiasts for retro technology.

When I first joined tilde.town I quibbled about this a bit.

Tech history was “the good old days” in the sense that we often look at it with rose-tinted glasses, and let nostalgia help us forget all the bad and painful things about it.

tilde.town is great, for now, but that’s only because we’re small. with popularity, we’ll get malicious users who will ruin it for everybody

Surely, I imagined, lauding old tech as unversally “better” than the tech we have is a mistake.

I’ve changed my mind about this, because I think most people get it:

We retro-tech enthusiasts aren’t advocating to revive old tech and stay there, we’re advocating an alternate timeline that diverges from when tech was young, and makes healthy progress toward the starry-eyed goals we had then: improvement of people’s lives, increase of luxury time,

I wouldn’t agree that we should go back to using early SMTP protocols on the toxic and