about this website


This is a static website hosted by tilde.town, a friendly intentional digital community, where I am a member, and you can be too!

To learn more about it, watch this five-minute lightning talk about tilde.town that ~vilmibm gave at PyCon 2017.

tilde.town was inspired by tilde.club, which Paul Ford describes in the article I had a couple drinks and woke up with 1,000 nerds (The story of Tilde.Club).

Members of tilde.town are encouraged to log into the server and edit files in their ~/public_html/ directory “by hand,” with the text editors available on the server, like many of us used to do when the Internet was young and unspoiled by the likes of Twitter and Facebook. I don’t go quite this old-school.

My pages are authored in Markdown format, and rendered to HTML by Pandoc. I use the default HTML 5 template that Pandoc includes, with just a bit of extra code thrown in to place a backlink and make the links a bit fancier for Javascript users.

I run a little Python script that parses all the HTML files and generates map.json, containing a list of all the pages and some metadata about them. With this, I can build various automatic navigation links.

Finally, I run another little Python script that uses map.json to construct the list of pages you see at /~pho4cexa/. This lets me provide an automatic site-map to browsers that don’t use Javascript.

In the past, I orchestrated all of these steps with a handwritten Makefile, but now I use Makebakery since it can do the same thing while hiding a lot of the complexity.