Technomancer 2190

Picking up the pieces

Scene I At Solemn Music

April 12, 2022 — ~piusbird

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Bill, or Commander William M Marshall Alantian Revolutionary For ces, to give him his proper title, was at this moment obscenely happy. So happy he was in fact singing along with the Television Broadcast. This was an unusual state of affairs for a Maximum security federal prisoner serving a life sentence who was in his 70s. So unusual as a matter of a fact that it would under ordinary circumstances have resulted in a reprimand from the guards and a cuff across the ear from his cellmate . Were it not for the fact that the guards were universally in a state of shock, and two thirds of the rest of the cellblock had also raised their voi ces in jubilant song. For this was the Laudes regiae, and the coronation of High General Benedict Stuart as King of United Dominions of Atlantis was imminent.

The Mage’s Rebellion was at long last, and after 200 years succe ssful the United States was dead and from it’s ashes a greater nation n ow arose. No longer would those born to magic, and those who were it’s c hildren be enslaved by a hostile military industrial complex for imperia list ends. No longer would their people be sacrificed in the never endin g war against the undead, forced to make weapons, or the like. Liberty a nd Justice would for once be truly for all.

“Inmate Marshall” came a shout One of the officers still had the presence of mind to shout “War den on Deck!” But no one paid it any heed this day.

The Warden was in contrast to his usual smug and superior demean or was for once looking pale and scared. Sweat poured from seemingly ev ery inch of his frame and his two sizes two small suit was wrinkled and stained like never before.

“A happy Accession Day to you Warden Daley. You’re just in time for the ceremony.” Bill said a pleasant smile on his face.

“Can it, I wanna get this over with” the Warden snapped back. “So I take it that you’ve come to surrender in accordance with The Declaration of Baltimore” Bill asked coming to attention.

Fate Check: Yes

“I have orders to that effect, Yes” the Warden said while shuffling his feet uncomfortably. “Ah, and you are not one to go against orders. Even ones you dis like.” Bill said smiling “Very well Warden, get this Magic Suppression Bracer off of me. Then I will swear oath to the King, and we will proceed with surrender.” “Corporal Baker, Fetch your New Testament if you please”
“Yes Sir” his young ADC said running for his cell.

Bill extended his left arm toward the soon to be former Warden. Reveling the platinum cuff he had worn on his wrist for nearly 20 years.

The Warden tapped it with an intricate foot long rod made of rowan woo d and silver entwined in an unnatural helix shape, and topped with some sort of artificial crystal. Runes lit up as the bracer fell away . The heat of Magic long dormant raced up Bill’s arms. Suffused his entire bod y. And supplied his previously dull hazel eyes with an ethereal green gl ow.

The Warden handed Bill the rod, he handed it to the Corporal. Ta king the Red covered Gideon New Testament in hand Bill swiftly swore hi s oaths.

“I do solemnly swear that I will bear true Faith and Alligence t o his Majesty King Benedict his Heirs and successors according to law so help me God”. That done he took up the former warden’s rod, and concent rating all his newly restored Magic he cast an area wide transference sp ell. Which caused all the inmate’s suppression bracers to be transferred to the wrist of a guard.

“Right.” Bill said “I accept the surrender of this facility, in the name of the King.” As he clamped the final bracer, the one that had previously adorned his wrist around the former warden’s wrist. To Cheers and general joy from the gathered former prisoners “Ok, Well I think I can trust the former guards to behave themse lves while we finish watching the accession day broadcast” “But just in case, Arm yourselves men, and be watchful”

Random Encounter Check: Yes Just then one of the guards took out his combat knife and advanc ed on Bill. “Lt Cowper, We’ve surrendered” The warden shouted. “DIE DEVILSPAWN” Cowper shouted

Combat with Lt Cowper:


  • Cowper has the initiative (6) vs (5.5)
  • Cowper Thrusts Knife (13) vs (Roll 12) Success
  • Marshall attempts Dodge (8) vs (Roll 12) Fail

Cowper deals 5 (roll 4+1) damage to Marshall

Marshall Casts Lightning (roll for turns 1) (roll for success 12) WORKS on Current turn with Success type MOSTLY.

Succeed with at usual level less 1d6 (Roll Damage 10) (Roll Save 2) Total Damage (7)

T1 Results:

  • Marshall HP 10 FP: 11
  • Cowper HP 8

Fate Check on Does the fight continue: Result No Detail Calm.

Lt Cowper was blasted back into the opposite wall by the force o f the lightning bolt. Commander Marshall blew on his fingers as if they were hot. Although anyone with skill in magic knew that in fact they wer en’t.

“That was hardly a fortuitous way to begin my final command”. He said.

“Corporal. Operation Monkshood is a go. I wish I could let the t roops savor the victory today. But we clearly have work to do yet.” “Warden, or should that be Prisoner Daley I am unaware of how Co mmand will treat your tardiness in surrendering. Nor do I have any insig ht into the fate of your erstwhile Lieutenant. But it is likely that he has earned himself five years in prison at least. This spits in the very face of the Declaration. In the meantime all guards are to turn over t heir weapons to the Senior Prisoner by rank, of each block and change in to prisoner uniforms.”

Glowering at his feet the now former Warden mumbled something un intelligible. Marshall raised an eyebrow. A slight half smile curling h is lip The gash on his face still bleeding openly. “What was that Warden I didn’t quite hear you.” “Yes Commander”. At this Marshall smiled in triumph. It had been 19 long years since Revolutionary Guard titles had been forbidden to all prisoners. To h ear his rank on the lips of Federal Law Enforcement was proof positive t hat things had indeed changed.

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Bill Marshall Character Sheet

April 12, 2022 — ~piusbird

Scene 1 Will be posted before I leave on vacation. In the mean time I am releasing the sheet for our main character Commander Sir William M Marshall He was a 250 point build with 72 points of disadvantage for a total of 322 effective points. Never built someone quite so powerful before was tons of fun

Built Using GCS

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April 11, 2022 — ~piusbird

On July 16, 1945, the Manhattan Project reached fruition. The first atomic bomb was detonated at the Trinity Site near Alamogordo, New Mexico. The explosion ripped a hole in the fabric of space, and Dr. Oppenheimer’s words “. . . I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds” unknowingly closed a necromantic ritual. The fireball vanished, but the mushroom cloud remained. It began to rotate, a stationary tornado shot with red lightning. Radio reception within 20 miles of Trinity was jammed by static. The southern United States experienced freak weather conditions: violent lightning storms, hail, torrential rain, even snow. Shimmering auroras filled the night over the Western Hemisphere. These died down after a week, but the tornado officially the “Trinity Event,” but nicknamed the “Hellstorm” remained. It’s still there today.

The immediate result was a suspension of the U.S. atomic weapons program. Plans for the atomic bombing of Japan were canceled. “Nearly unconditional surrender” terms were offered to Japan: the emperor’s position would be guaranteed. World War II ended on August 14. The United States retained two atomic bombs, but would make no more until the Hellstorm was understood.

More important were the invisible effects of the detonation. A wave of magical radiation spread out from the blast, transforming reality. Carried by hurricane-force winds, magically enhanced fallout was blasted high into the atmosphere, where freak weather conditions scattered it across America in a zone 2,000 miles in radius that would become known as “Trinity’s Shadow.” Magic had returned to the mid 20th century Earth.

In 1952 a closely divided Supreme Court ruled in the case of Ex Parte Lyndon that no person who possessed Magical Abilities nor any person whose DNA was altered by the Trinity Event was in any legal sense human and thus the constitution did not apply to such entities. This had several immediate consequences. Initially the US Government tried to claim all Magic as Government property but this proved a step to far for even the hardliners on the court. So called Normals were free to enslave any Mageborn they happened to birth. The Nascent civil rights movements were also dealt a heavy blow.

Nearly all world religious leaders condemned The United States for it’s policies and actions. As did the Soviet bloc. But conditions behind the Iron Curtain were in most cases worse for the Trinity’s Children.

With only the Pope, and a few lesser figures standing in the way, naked greed, and bigotry soon took over. Nearly 50 years of oppression followed.

In the year 2002 a group of Free Mageborn and other minorities gathered in the Cathedral of Baltimore, to lay the foundation of a new Civil Rights movement which sought equality for all. Ten years later it was discovered that one of the original Justices in the Lyndon case had been bribed. Lyndon was quickly struck down. And all seemed well.

However it was soon made clear that the Magical Industrial Complex was willing to use violent and immoral methods to retain the control. Barely 18 months later a Constitutional Amendment was passed which attempted to reinstate the Lyndon rules. It went further by attempting to rescind the laws of those states which had enacted civil rights bills of their own (Maryland, New York, and California most prominent among them).

This was widely seen by almost all observers Mageborn or otherwise to be a sham enactment bought with much alchemical gold, and very liberal use of mind control enchantments. The memory of the Lyndon bribe was fresh in most minds. But what could be done The Constitution had been amended. Even the Supreme Court was powerless. That was also clear to all observers. Preparations for a civil war were soon underway. And in the year 2021 the Mage’s Rebellion was announced with the symbolic incineration of all the original copies of the US Constitution. But this story is not about the Dystopia which preceded the war nor is it about the war itself. For though it took nearly 200 years the Mage’s Rebellion was successful. As all truly just causes eventually must be. This story is one about rebuilding in the aftermath of tragedy

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Authors Notes

April 11, 2022 — ~piusbird

This story is a Solo Roleplaying Adventure adapted from GURPS Technomancer. Using a mix of GURPS Classic and 4th Edition Supplements, and several of The Mook’s Streamlined rules. For An Oracle I used the always erudite Mythic Game Master Emulator. More on tools in a future post. I chose Technomancer because I’ve always been fascinated by Urban Fantasy settings, and this was thee only GURPS book to do it well. Where I differ from Technomancer is in how I view the legal and cultural reaction to the discovery of Magic in 1945.

Pulver the author of Technomancer seems to portray that the US would be broadly accepting of Magical People and Animal/Human Hybrids. No one who is actually familiar with the social history of this era thick as it was in the Nadir of Race Relations could remotely believe the optimistic picture he sets out. No the discovery of Magic by the Military Industrial Complex in the climate of the late 1940s. Would lead to a dark dystopian world dominated by greed and strife.

But I find such worlds as that to be rather boring, not to mention emotionally exhausting to write about. So I decided to write about a world in the aftermath of a successful uprising against a Dystopian Regime. This is a story of hope, rebuilding, and righting wrongs the ones of the past and the Injustices that remain.

A note on Technology Level: In GURPS terms my universe ranges from TL5 to TL10 all with the addition of Magic. The reasons for this will become clear in future installments. But for now it is sufficient to note that terminology for various objects is quite different from what it is in our world. For example an Airship is a sailing ship with flight capabilities.

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Technomancer 2190

April 11, 2022 — ~piusbird

Hello, this is your pal Piusbird here. A new thing has been created by me. What is this new thing? Glad you asked. Well I've always wanted to particpate in Camp NaNo, also I've always wanted to do a solo RPG with GURPS Classic rules but have never found the time. It occured to me last week that I could do both, but be aware I won't finish the full 25k on time or for that matter ever. Too much research, and fighting with GURPS Vehicles needed to be done before I could even start writing. Welcome to Technomancer 2190. I hope you enjoy.
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