welcome to my ~~~~~~~~ homepage

you should ssh in and edit index.html

If you insist.... Guess the first thing I do is embed a recording of my current best high-gain guitar tone. Part of what I'd like to do is log the audio-related projects I do on this page.

Traynor YCV80 into a 4x12 with two EVM12S Pro-Line Speakers and two empty mounting holes. Recorded on my Galaxy S7. The guitar is doubled, and stereo-panned.

The Traynor needs some repairs done, and I would like to modify it a bit to improve the tone, at least to my ears. Maybe I'll write about that work here.

Got a SM57 recently. Plugged an Orange Micro Dark into the same detuned 4x12 as above, placed the SM57 near to the center of the dustcap, and got the following recording. Pretty happy with it overall.